Einstein Web2toolsWeb 2.0 has changed the face of business forever. The Web has moved from a place where we transmitted information (Web 1.0) to one where we share and engage with others (Web 2.0).

There are hundreds of Web 2.0 tools that can save time and make money for your business. Many of these are free to use.

Are they really free?

Yes they are – but there’s always a price to pay! In some cases you get limited features in the free version – in others, advertising will be run alongside your content. This is the type of advertising that picks up on the keywords being used and provides advertising to match.

I’ve been using dozens of these tools to support my business since 2005 (the early days of Web 2.0). In some cases I’ve upgraded to the paid version – in others I continue using the free version. On this site there are several ways to increase your own knowledge and use of these free online tools.

Happy exploring!

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