Links from Melbourne WNA lunch

Below are links from the Melbourne lunch presentation Social Networking – How to Build Your Business Using FREE Online Tools. You can see a repeat of this presentation in Sydney on 10 September – details here.

You can join the on-going discussion by clicking the ‘Reply to topic’ button on the WNA Facebook page.

My videoconference blog that I referred to is here. I’ve included links below to my online presences so you can see what these spaces look like.

Set up your own Facebook profile and link to others as well as join groups and start your own groups. My Facebook page is here.

LinkedIn is similar to Facebook – but a little more business oriented. My LinkedIn profile is here.

If you want to reach the teen/early twenties market then go to MySpace and Bebo (I don’t play in these spaces).

Why not set up your own social networking site using Ning? Here’s a Ning site I set up for Web 2 tools in business.

With Twitter you have 140 characters to speak to the world. See my tweets here.

Slideshare is a free website where you can upload your slide presentations. My Slideshare space is here.

You can upload your own videos to YouTube and also use it to collect good videos about your industry and share with others. My YouTube channel is here.

Ustream allows you to broadcast your own TV show via the Internet.

At Flickr you can upload & store photos. You can refer people to your photo stream and/or link to the photos from other websites. Here’s a flickr page I set up for conference photos.

Store your favourite websites at delicious and share them with the world – or keep them private. Here’s my delicious links – you’ll see a lot in the tag eLearning.

Scribd is a place to share your articles. You can see mine here.

Netvibes will organise your life for you. Use it to go and check all the blogs & websites you want to keep track of. Here’s a tour of Netvibes that explains how it all works.

Skype allows you to make free voice calls, videoconferencing or instant messages over the Internet. You can also make very cheap calls to regular phones – great for overseas calls.

Google provides many great free tools. We use Google Docs to work on shared documents. See the whole range of Google tools here.

I’ve written about Blogs in a previous post. If you want a simple blog use Blogger – or WordPress for more sophistication. This blog operates on WordPress.

I’ve written about Wikis in a previous post. My favourite wiki tool is PBWorks but also good are Wikispaces, Wetpaint and Google Sites.


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