PS on last post – developments

There have been a few developments since I wrote yesterday about the articles on Scribd. Both articles made the hotlist – but I’ll concentrate on Desktop Videoconferencing Goes Mobile. It’s now had over 800 readers & made the hotlist – see below.

This means that it’s featured on the ‘Explore’ page of Scribd & also is shown on the home page of every member – see below.

I’m happy with this amount of exposure for the few minutes it took to upload to Scribd. One lesson to be learned is to post just one article at a time. I posted two yesterday & they both had heaps of exposure, but I think the effect would have been better if I’d posted just one & released the second one a week later.

PPS: As at 1 October this article had 1,533 reads and I’ve picked up about a dozen new subscirbers :-)

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