Twitter in action: A couple of real life examples

At my WNA lunch presentation last week someone asked me about measuring the effect of social networking/media tools. It was a good question & I don’t have a quantifiable answer – all I could say at the time was that I see peaks in sign-ups, page views etc after I’ve shared one of my own articles, blog posts etc. However, just the day after & again today, something interesting happened that is not quantifiable, but a good example to share. Both were Twitter posts.

Being retweeted by BIG players

There’s a convention amongst Twitter users that if you ‘retweet’ something someone else in your network has tweeted, you post it with RT attached. For example if I shared something, you thought it was good & wanted to share it further, you’d write ‘RT @caroldaunt’ followed by the message.

Last week one of my blog posts was picked up by a couple of big players in my industry & retweeted. (My blog posts are automatically sent to Twitter – easy to set up.) One of these players has 607 followers & the other has 1,161 followers. So suddenly my blog post was promoted to 1768 extra people. Did I see an upsurge of over 1000 readers? No – but there was small spike in reads of that post. And I believe being promoted to 1768 people can’t be a bad thing.

Driving people to read your articles

The second interesting thing happened this morning. I decided to upload a couple of recent articles to Scribd. Naturally I tweeted that they were available to read online. Within minutes one of them had 24 reads ! Also – an email just arrived – see below.

Being promoted to 50 million users can’t be a bad thing either! Here I am on the front page of Scribd – and in the time it’s taken to post this picture, the number of readers has increased to 67  :-) (Why not go check how many reads it’s had now? Click here.)

So….. no quantifiable sales – but an example of the power of social networking & the new age of promoting yourself & your business.

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