Using Online Surveys for Business

iStock using iPad 21652636Surveys are a great way to engage clients and interest prospective clients. Online surveys are quick and easy and the data just has to be exported – not typed up from numerous printed or handwritten documents. Here are a few ways to use surveys in your business.

Feedback on products/services

You can use surveys to get feedback about your products and services and use this to improve your operation. Clients like to feel that they’re having a say in the products and services you offer them.

Feedback on proposed products/services

Why not survey your clients about proposed products and/or services? This will give you valuable data about the direction you should go.

Become a leader in your field

Another use is to position yourself as a leader in the field by collecting the thoughts and ideas of others. You could run a monthly survey through your blog or website as well as directly to your clients. You could ask for their tips on a certain topic or what books they would recommend to others. Once you have the results, share this with the world through your blog or website.

Add to your contacts database

A survey is a great way to engage with people and encourage them to sign up for your mailing list. This has the added advantage of not only marketing your business but adding to your database for future marketing activities.

Free online survey tool

My favourite free online survey tool is Survey Monkey. The free version allows you to have 10 questions with up to 100 respondents. If you’re clever with the structure of the questions, you can gather a lot of data through using ‘matrix’ questions.

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