What is eBusiness?

Woman Using Credit Card OnlineBelow are resources & links from the Randwick workshop on eBusiness. I’ve also put the 2 videos at the end of the post. (If I’ve forgotten anything give me a reminder note in the comments.) Next workshop info here.

eBusiness simply means using technology to improve your business and generally refers to using the Web in your business. It may include eCommerce (selling online) but also includes use of technology in the areas of:

Setting up a website

  • Set up a Facebook page – instructions here (rules here)
  • Set up a free website eg WordPress (.com) or Weebly
  • Set up & host your own website eg WordPress (.org)

Register your domain name

List of places to register & purchase your domain name here. The video below has some good tips about choosing a domain name. (More videos like this here.)

 Other bits & pieces

  • Evernote – will sync to your computer, tablet & smart phone
  • Hootsuite – for managing your social media accounts
  • iStockphoto – low cost photos (sign up & get a free photo every week)
  • Veer – another low cost photo site (10 free credits when you sign up)
  • Diigo or Delicious – to manage your saved websites (use tags)
  • Creative Commons – for digital rights
  • Check the many Google products

Case study

Other case studies are here.

Below is the ppt from the workshop (minus the videos which are above).

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