eBusiness Decision Tree

ebusiness pixShould you take the leap into eBusiness or not? Firstly we need to define what eBusiness is. Basically, it’s using the Web (www) to support and¬†improve your business processes. This could be in a whole range of ways:

  • financial and administration systems
  • human resources
  • supply of goods and services
  • sales and marketing
  • collaboration
  • research

eBusiness is not just eCommerce ie selling online. You can access a range of tools to support eBusiness at this post.

The first question to ask is whether you need a web presence or not. I suggest that there’s only one answer to this (yes) as we’re in the 21sty Century! I’ve put together a decision tree to help decide whether you need a website and whether that website should be:

  • a Facebook page;
  • a free website; or
  • a website you host yourself.

Click here to read or download the decision tree.

You might like to complete the Online Growth Diagnostic – a free, easy to use self-audit tool, providing an analysis your business’ web capabilities. (Provided by NSW Business Chamber)

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