Skyring H&S iPad mid resCarol has been sharing her knowledge and passion for online tools for many years – first as a manager and team leader; then as a business owner; later as a mentor to emerging business women; and more recently as a speaker and workshop facilitator. In addition to her speaking and workshops, Carol has written numerous articles and white papers along with several books and eBooks.

Carol has a unique ability to take any tool and find creative ways in which it can benefit business. She is an excellent communicator and makes the complex seem simple.

Carol is an experienced and inspiring educator and businesswoman who has been involved in the design, application and effective use of technology for business and education since 1986. She lives this by using free online tools to save time and make money in her own business. She works with educational institutions, government departments, large corporations and SMEs throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe. As an acknowledged leader in this field, Carol has been published in numerous journals, is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences.

Carol has been at the helm of LearnTel for over 15 years. Through workshops, tutorials, masterclasses and eCourses she can:

– Help you make the right decision about which Web 2.0 tools to use.
– Improve your use of Web 2.0 tools.
– Keep you informed about developments in new Web 2.0 tools.
– Link you with other Web 2.0 users to share knowledge and ideas.
– Bring a range of professional development programs to you.

Carol is an active member of numerous industry panels, boards and committees. She has been a mentor numerous times in the NSW Women in Business Program.

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