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Free Web 2.0 tools to boost your business

iStock office girl desk 000006663074Join us from the comfort of your computer for any, or all, of the following live sessions to learn about Web 2.0 tools that you can use to save time and make money in your business. Quick tips are designed to give you the maximum information in the minimum time and are delivered via webinar to your computer – wherever you are.

Carol will spend 15 minutes introducing you to the tools and then you’ll have 15 minutes for Q&A. You’re then on your own to set them up for yourself and start boosting your business. Each session will concentrate on a specific set of tools:

Set up a free website

Learn about several ways you can set up and run a website free of charge.

Set up a free blog

Learn about several different blogging services where you can set up free of charge.

Free sites to store and share files

Sometimes you need a place to store files and give certain people access to certain files. Or you might need to give someone a file that’s too big to email. Learn about several sites where you do this.

Free sites to collaborate

You might want to collaborate online with colleagues or customers eg shared meeting/project planning, ideas about a new product or service. Learn about several ways to do this free of charge.

Free photo sites

Learn how to access royalty free photos and about sites where you can add effects to photos.

Free sites to make videos

Learn how to make eye-catching animated videos to get your message across. Make a video for your product, a demo video for your business, or a training video for your staff.

Free sites to make presentations

Learn how to make slideshows online and how to upload your own Powerpoint presentations to share with the world.

Free sites to set up a community

Learn how to set up your own online community where people can interact to share ideas and resources. This would be a social network just for the people you want to invite eg colleagues or customers.

Free online survey sites

A survey is a great way to gather information about your customers and/or your products. Learn how you can do this with free online surveys.

Everything free from Google

Do you have any idea how many tools Google has to help you in your business? Free websites, blogs, online collaboration spaces, calendars, email…the list goes on. We’ll cover as many as we can in the allotted time!

Cost: $10 per session (includes GST)

Where: Your computer.

Dates & Registration:

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