What’s a Webinar?

If you haven’t been involved in a webinar before, below is some brief information to explain what it’s all about. If you’d like more detailed information, you can download a free eBook.

webex-screen-small.jpgWebinar is a term used for a seminar/workshop that is delivered via web conferencing. It allows people in different locations to communicate real-time.

A webinar uses the Internet to combine graphics (eg PowerPoint presentations) with voice and/or video. It also includes a range of interactive tools such as polling/voting, chat and a ‘hand raising’ feature to indicate that you have a question or comment. It may also include document sharing, a whiteboard and web surfing features. Click here to read a post on different web conferencing services.

You’ll see information on your computer screen and hear the presenter and other participants through your telephone or computer. It will look something like the screen above.

Equipment needed

No specialist equipment is needed for web conferencing. As a participant you’ll need:

A standard computer with current web browser eg Explorer, Firefox. Some web conferencing services will operate on your tablet or smart phone.

Internet Connection
A broadband connection is preferable as slides download more quickly. However most web conferencing services operate over a 56K dial-up connection – you’ll just notice that slides take a little longer to download.

Some webinars use a telephone for the voice part of the session – others will deliver the voice through your computer.

If you’d like to experience a webinar, you can join a free demo from WebEx – one of the web conferencing providers.

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