There are many free and low-cost online tools to help boost your business. Just click on the free tools tag on my blog and you’ll see posts about all sorts of free online tools. Or check my bookmarks tagged ‘tools’ on Diigo. I’ve listed some great blogs in the left sidebar.

Below are some of my most used. If you know any good ones email me and I’ll check them out. If you’d like to explore these in more depth please join us at a workshop or masterclass.

Email Promotions Manager

This is not free, but my business has been revolutionised through the use of AWeber – so I have to share it. This online service allows us to keep unlimited lists of contacts and broadcast emails to them without spamming. It also allows us to set up automated marketing campaigns eg you download an eBook & this triggers a series of emails that are sent automatically to you at pre-determined intervals. (This is how our 30/30 works.) Every email has an ‘unsubscribe’ and ‘update information’ link. All this for $194USD per year – no extra costs like a per email cost. Check it out.

Free Business CardsVistaPrint Web2 website

You can get free and/or cheap business cards at VistaPrint.

We use these for a variety of advertising campaigns – it’s great to have a card to advertise your latest product or service. For example here’s one I use to advertise this website.

Google Tools

Google provides much more than just a search engine. if you haven’t explored their range of tools, then click here to see them. We cover these in detail in our tutorials and eCourse, but here are a few that you may not know about:

Advanced search – this allows you to choose a whole lot of variables such as whole phrases, whether on the page or in the title, language etc. It gives you a much better search result.

Blog search – again I use the advanced version. This searches just blogs – not the rest of the Web.

Image search – great for finding images only.

Translate – want to impress people with the number of languages you can speak – or write short sentences in!! This application will translate words/phrases/ sentences into any number of other languages.

Calendar – organise your schedule & share it with friends & colleagues.

To Do List

Toodledo is great online To Do List. It allows you to use folders, tags, contexts, subtasks and more to organise, search and sort through your tasks. You can get Toodledo on your mobile phone, in your email, on your calendar and integrated directly into your web browser. You can also work with other people on shared projects with Toodledo’s collaboration tools.

World Timezones

I’m constantly having to convert times for countries around the world. My favourite for this is Timezone Converter because you can type in the time to be converted & click the country/state/city you want to know the time for on any given date.

Time and Date is good for checking the current time in all countries around the world or setting a time and providing a link which will show people that time in the local area.

Currency Converter

I’m also constantly converting currencies to pay overseas suppliers and/or project budgets. I use Universal Currency Converter. You simply type in the amount you want to convert and from which currency to which.

Temperature Converter

If you travel a lot – or just need to convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius, this is a great Temperature Converter.

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